Tr 60 – 70 – 80 – 100 Inox

Tr 60 Inox

The metallographic cut-off machines of the Tr series, having been appropriately designed to work in the laboratory, while responding to ease of use and to an aesthetically pleasing line, allow samples to be taken on pieces of any shape, from small to large, in full compliance. of the metallographic rules, flat and strictly cold cuts of all metals, easily solving both the problems of the metallurgical laboratory and those of the heat treatment department.

All Tr Cut-off machines are characterized by a large piece housing under the grinding wheel, by the integral bar passage as well as by a scrupulous respect of the accident prevention regulations and protection against wear and corrosion, by means of Chemical Nickel, of the most exposed parts.

The Tr Evolution is built in full compliance with the most stringent safety standards:

  • low voltage control panel (24 V);
  • transparent polycarbonate screen that isolates the work area;
  • safety microswitch that stops all functions with the lid open;
  • emergency stop button.
Technical dataTr 60 InoxTr 70 InoxTr 80 InoxTr 100 Inox
Wheel diameter (mm)200230250300
Max Cutting diameter (mm)607080100
Distance Spindle / Worktable (mm)220230230240
Motor power (kW)1,11,32,23 / 3,7*
Spindle speed (rpm)2850285028502850
Pump capacity (lt/min)20202020
Tank capacity (lt)20202020
Max Cutting load (kg)Manuale Manuale ManualeManuale
Power supply (V)380 – 3ph or others* 380 – 3ph or others* 380 – 3ph or others* 380 – 3ph or others*
Weight (kg)100105130145
Dimensions (mm) LxDxH 625 x 730 x 550 625 x 730 x 550625 x 730 x 550 625 x 730 x 550

*=only on request