Secotron 200 – 300

Secotron 200
Secotron 300

Three-axis cutting-off machine for high-precision cuts using a longitudinal carriage with work force control and automatic speed optimization with programmable PLC.

Stainless steel structure with Plexiglas lid. Vertical adjustment of the wheel and transversal table for precise positioning of the sample. Particularly suitable for applications in the electronic and research fields.

The Secotron is built in full compliance with the most stringent safety standards:

  • Control panel and Touch-screen 7 inches (24 Vdc);
  • Memory for saving work recipes;
  • Remote Support
  • Transparent polycarbonate screen that isolates the work area;
  • Safety microswitch that stops all functions with the lid open;
  • Emergency stop button.
Technical dataSecotron 200Secotron 300
Wheel diameter (mm)200300
Max Cutting dimension (H x P)60 x 150
Motor power (W)800
Max Cutting load (A) 5
Spindle speed (rpm)500 – 3600 or 5000*500 – 3600 or 5000*
Pump capacity (lt/min)1111
Tank capacity (lt)10
Longitudinal traver Carriage [Y-Axis] (mm)200
Horizontal travel Worktable [X-Axis] (mm)50
Vertical traver Spindle [Z-Axis] (mm)50
Power supply (V)220 – 1ph380 + N – 3ph
Peso (kg)75
Dimensions (mm) LxDxH620 x 600 x 450

*=only on request