Micromet Manual / Semi-Automatic

The MICROMET cutting-off machine is the ideal compact for making perfectly reproducible cuts and thinning of precision, with the minimum loss of material and without inducing alterations (micro-cracks, etc.) in metallographic samples.

The MICROMET M / SA is available in 2 versions:
SEMIAUTOMATIC: advancement occurs by means of adjustable weights with balancing counterweight.
MANUAL: the control of the advancement of the sample entrusted to the operator through the external control lever.

The continuously adjustable wheel speed (0 – 3000 rpm) and the transversal translation of the sample holder arm by micrometer allow the cutting and thinning of any type of material. Great attention was paid to eliminating problems related to wear and corrosion: the machine body and all the main components are in stainless steel; the internal components are in steel coated with chemical nickel, anticorodal and GHA.

The MICROMET is built in full compliance with the most restrictive safety standards:

  • Low voltage control panel (24 V);
  • Transparent polycarbonate screen that isolates the work area;
  • Safety microswitch that stops all functions with the lid open;
  • Emergency stop button.
Technical dataMicromet MMicromet SA
Max Wheel diameter (mm)200200
Max Cup wheel diam. (mm)150150
Max Cutting diameter (mm)6060
Motor power (W)300300
Spindle speed (rpm)0 – 30000 – 3000
Pump capacity (lt/min)88
Tank capacity (lt)44
Max working load (kg)Manual1
Max side translation (mm)2525
Power supply (V)220 – 1ph220 – 1ph
Weight (kg)3638
Dimensions (mm) LxDxH500x460x380 500x460x380

*=only on request