IPA Evolution

A new series of pneumatically driven automatic mounting presses with easily programmable microprocessor work cycle management. These new machines are characterized by low costs and extremely compact dimensions. They are available in the classic versions and in the version with interchangeable mold group for the realization of incorporations with different diameters using the same machine.

The mounting presses quickly realize perfect inclusions of metallographic samples with any type of thermosetting or thermoplastic resin. The entire work cycle is managed by an easily programmable microprocessor. The wide range of machines makes it possible to fulfill any need of the metallurgical laboratory.

AUTOMATIC PRESSES, pneumatically operated they leave the operator the only task of positioning the sample and pouring the resin.

INTERCHANGABLE HEAD PRESSES (TI), both automatic and semiautomatic, by means of a rapid head replacement system, they allow incorporation with different diameters using the same machine.

Technical dataIPA 30 EvoIPA 40 EvoIPA Evo TI
Mounting diam. (mm)304020 – 65
Max Temperature (°C)200200200
Working time (min)1 to 991 to 991 to 99
Total power (kW)0,60,650,7
Power supply (V)220 1ph 220 1ph 220 1ph
Peso (kg)252525
Dimensions (mm) LxDxH285 x 480 x 680 285 x 480 x 680 285 x 480 x 680

*=only on request