HX – 1000 COMP

Fully automatic Vickers and Knoop hardness measurement system with motorized table in the three X – Y – Z axes for sample handling and focus control.
The system can be used in a semi-automatic way to measure the hardness of samples with a surface that is not perfectly polished.

Also available with the X – Y motorized table only without focus control Z.
The automatic system can also be installed in existing micro-durometers.


  • Fully automatic execution of the hardness profile and effective thickness
  • Extremely simple and intuitive programming
  • Strict control of the measured values, repetition of deformed or unclear impression measurements
  • Autofocus with great precision and speed
  • Sending data to Microsoft Excel and generating customizable reports complete with graph

System composed by:

  • HX-1000 TM micro-durometer
  • CCD camera with 1/2 “sensor and PAL output
  • X-Y table with micro-step motors 25 x 25 stroke
  • Focus control with micro-step motors
  • Controller for motor operation and PC interface
  • Measurement software
  • Personal Computer with LCD monitor
  • OEM license for using Excel pre-installed (optional)
  • Hardware protection key
Caratteristiche TecnicheHX – 1000 TM
Test loads (gf)10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000
Loading time (5s)5 to 60
Magnifications Objectives10x – 40x
Magnifications Measuring ocular15x
Total Magnifications150x – 600x
Ocular precision (micron)1
Reading sensitivity (micron)0,25 con 40x
Worktable travel L x P x H (mm)15 x 15 x 35
Worktable precision (mm)0,01
Sample height (mm)85
Weight (kg)25
Power supply (V)220 – monofase
Dimensions L x D x H (mm)220 x 340 x 500