Availability of laboratory furniture, for all the equipment supplied, Remet is also able to guarantee the installation and training of personnel, after-sales assistance, requalification and certification.

Chemistry Benches

  • with top in antacid porcelain stoneware (white tiles with black joints) with perimeter edge
  • Module with drawers and door

  • dim. L 90 x D 65 x H 88 cm
  • Module with double door
  • Module with double drawers

Laboratory Desks

  • With pearl gray top and black embossed metal legs

Accessories & Services

Each module can be accompanied by the following services on request:

  • Compressed air connection with ball valve
  • Electrical panel (a 380V three-phase socket with switch, a 220V single-phase socket with switch and circuit breaker)
  • Hot air jet sample dryer with automatic photoelectric cell ignition and stainless steel support base
  • Shatterproof glass shelf size 90 x 25 x thickness 1.1 cm wall supports
  • Electrical panel (two 220V single-phase sockets with switch and circuit breaker)
  • Coaxial aspirator with hood on adjustable jointed arm
  • Pantograph illuminated lens with clamp mod. ARGUS
  • Pantograph illuminated lens with WALDMANN clamp
  • Shatterproof glass shelf dim. 135 x 25 x thickness 1.1 cm with wall supports