Polishers: cleaning and presanding

Before gluing the glass on the surface identified, it should be eliminated totally deformation caused by cutting thus obtaining an even surface, flat and polished (Ra – 10μm). Cleansers REMET allow the preparation of the plans manually or automatically using the adjustable sample holder. Using cleansers with diamond discs (with different grain size) you can run the pre – grinding and polishing the final desired.

This operation is possible by the use of the abrasive or diamond paste sprinkled on the cast iron discs or on special cloths polishers.

REMET petrographic cleansers allow you to perform pre-sanding and polishing with perfect flatness quickly thanks to the great ergonomics and the wide availability of accessories to operate in both manual and automatic. Great attention was placed to the choice of components and materials of construction: the machine body in painted steel antacid oven, the drip tray and the splash ring are stainless steel, the transmission gear motor ensures perfect functionality even in case of heavy loads, the interchangeability of the discs work quick coupling, a jet water always keeps clean the drip evacuating the residues of grinding, the command buttons are powered at low voltage, while the variable speed allows to work also at low speed of rotation of the working disk for pre-grinding of samples fragile and delicate.
REMET cleansers are available with hard work d. 200 and d. 300 mm and can be equipped with automatic devices for lapping and polishing.

LS Series

The LS Series is made up of universal cleaners suitable for the complete preparation of samples by polishing with abrasive papers to the final polishing.
The body entirely of painted steel anti-acid microwave, transmission gear motor, the water recirculation system with faucet and hot splash in polished stainless steel, the command buttons to low voltage. The interchangeability of the discs work, quick connection, facilitated from the large space between the disc and splash pool. All cleansers, even in the versions with variable speed, thanks to the transmission in gear motor, in addition to grinding and polishing of metallographic specimens, are particularly effective in cases where it requires a strong workload as for the preparation of macroscopic samples and quantometers. They can also mount special disks, diamond-set versions in the automatic tire. Every machine is avaible to customize with series optional.


LS 1

Machine with fixed speed (300 RPM), it mounts 200 d. disks, avaible with many optional.



LS 2 – 250

Variable speed machine (0-300 RPM), they mounts 200 – 250 d. disks, avaible with many optional.



LS 3 V – LS 3 VA

Variable speed machine (0-300 RPM), they mounts 300 d. disks, avaible with many optional.



Economic and reliable, it offers the possibility of working with two cleaners in one machine.


LS 1 & LS 2

Version with two discs work d. 200 mm of previous cleaners LS1 and LS2 motors and independent controls.



LS 2 & LS 2

Version with two discs work d. 200 mm of previous cleaners LS2 motors and independent controls.



LS 3 & LS 3

Version with two discs work d. 300 mm of previous cleaners LS3 motors and independent controls.



Automatic polishers

The automatic air drives can be installed on any model of cleanser. It is an indispensable tool to significantly reduce the costs of production of specimens, while ensuring perfect reproducibility of the final result with less operator fatigue.
The automatic system is available in two versions:
WITH CENTRALPRESSURE work force is applied directly to the star sample holder. WITH CENTRAL PRESSURE AND SINGLE you can choose whether to apply the labor force directly to the star sample holder or individually on the single sample.



Can be installed at any time to cleansers prepared, equipped with a telescopic device automatically takes samples of the star with the possibility of automatic operation, pneumatic control with pressure regulator and pressure gauge for measuring the load. It allows you to prepare three to six samples on the same working cycle. The star samples door is releasable and has a minimum of three samples leased to 120 ° to each other.




Version with two discs work d. 200 – 250 mm of previous cleaners with motors and independent controls and LSA positionable on both working discs. Avaible with Central Pressure or Single Pressure and many optional.




Automatic cleanser computerized by microprocessor that manages the production of a large amount of metallographic specimens. Possibility of store working cycles. (max 9 recipes)



COMPUMET 250 – 300

Automatic cleanser computerized by microprocessor that manages the production of a large amount of metallographic specimens. Possibility of store working method cycles. (max 99 methods / 1 method = 4 grinding steps + 4 polishing steps)


Robotic cleaners

Grinder and polisher computed for the preparation of specimens second automatic cycles.



Robomet has 5 work stations and a cleaning station, arranged in a circle around the head holder. The samples are mounted on the sample holder of a star, which is inserted, by means of a quick coupling, in the automatic head.





Alongside the range of stars carries standard samples can provide personalized star for samples with special shapes.




To fully automate sample preparation is essential to assist cleaning machines the dispenser of suspended abrasive. It is a stand alone unit equipped with programmable timers for regulating the duration of the work cycle and phases of spraying / pause.




Allows, associated with micro saws, the realization of thin sections histological and mineralogical perfect with micrometric control of the thickness.