Since 1970

After years of study and experimentation, we believe we have given a clear and satisfactory answer to the demands of a furniture suitable for the metallurgical laboratory and technological testing in general. The furniture that we present possible to furnish entirely new laboratories and can also serve to complement existing furniture; in fact their neutral color (base light gray / pearl gray top) approaches easily to various environmental situations and the scientific instrumentation in general that will be placed on them. The building material used is of excellent quality with a consistent size, adequate for heavy instruments and delicate, also is totally fireproof, waterproof and scratch resistant. The modular measures, multiples of 45 cm, allow to satisfy any lay-out in addition to leaving the possibility of subsequent implementations.

Laboratory benches                                                                     Chemistry benches

Laboratory desks                                                                            Conference tables

Laboratory furniture                                                                  Accessories/services

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